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My name is Cheryl. I grew up with a smaller silver and black female german shepherd and i'm in preparation to get one of my own this coming summer. I'll be moving to a large apartment with a large fenced in backyard. I'm super excited to get her, but i'm not sure where i'm going to get her yet. :wild: I'm looking for a black and cream or black and silver female puppy.
I'm hoping to learn a lot about raising a well socialized GSD of my own!
Hope to hear from you all soon!
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Welcome to the forum Cheryl!
Welcome! You came to right place and it's smart to learn whatever you can before you'll get your dog :thumbup:
My first shepherd was also a small black and silver female named Omy- the best dog that ever lived. She saw us through so many good and bad times, soaked up my tears, ate every animal that weighed under 30 lbs and was known and loved by everyone living around our lake. When she died at 12, we received sympathy cards from people I didn't even know- but she did. I'm sure your girl was just as special to you. Very wise of you to do research here and hopefully you'll find a new best girl soon.
welcome!!! and thank you for wanting to learn what you can before you get your very own little land shark!! I appreciate it greatly when people want to learn from people who actually had the breed!
welcome I lost my golden last feb and did a lot of research about the GSD myself I knew it was the breed of choice I wanted after being raised around them, and they are just so beautiful after coping with my goldens death and tons of research I came across Diesel on my birthday last year almost a year ago now.. So I also commend you for doing your research now :)
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