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Hi, recently signed up but have been reading for months..
I have had my girl Lynx for almost 10 years, we brought her from a breeder when she was about 14 weeks old, she didn't quite meet show quality & no one wanted her.
What a mistake! She is the best dog I have ever had, so smart, easy going so eager to please us & just wants to be loved. We have had 5 children since we got her & she has welcomed everyone no problems. She is pet only but it's no issue for us we love her, no other dog will compare to this girl in my heart!

About 4 months ago I found a 14 month old white shepherd Malia who needed a new home, she had already been through 2 owners, first didnt want her as her ears didnt stand up, 2nd was a break up. Was told she was a bit shy but would warm up quickly, wrong.. It took 3 months before I could even pat this girl but I kept trying & now she won't leave my side has become an absolute joy to have in our family. She has found her forever family. (I actually love her floppy ears)

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