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Hi, we got GSD puppy 2 weeks ago and she will be 3 months old on July 9th. All I can say is that she's perfect ?
she already knows to go outside when she needs to, then sit, lay down, wait (be4 I give her meal) walking on leash is in progress (so far I'm happy with that)
She started biting last few days (surprise, surprise) , so I'm distracting her with toys (if she is biting me) or simple "no" works well as well if she starts biting someone else. I have almost 2 yrs old baby so gotta be careful.
Now I have question, how much weight she should be Now? She is 8kg (16-17 lbs) atm, and she seams ok to me, but saw somewhere she should be heavier?
Anyway, meet Kira ??


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