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Hello from Seattle

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Hi, I'm very glad to have found this forum as you have answered many of my questions already! We have a 13 week old female GSD, "Neko." Got her at 7 weeks (too young, imo, but hubby was impatient ;))
This is our 3rd shepherd in 21 years - they are such wonderful dogs.
I look forward to talking with everyone!

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:welcome: and :toasting: from a fellow Canadian Can`t wait for you to share your experience with GSD's
Hi from a fellow Washingtonian! Where did you get your pup? She sure is cute :)
welcome :) im from seattle too!! :D shes a cutie
Welcome from your neighbors "down south" in Portland, OR. We come up to Seattle from time to time for work (USAF) or sporting events (Sounders & Seahawks if/when they play against my Philadelphia Union and Eagles teams).
Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome. Shawn, we got her from a breeder in Bonney Lake - Gina Sajjadi, Sajjadi Farms. Our previous shepherd was from her 11+ years ago and "Aili" was such a great dog, we decided to adopt one of her little cousins. I still miss my Ailes (we lost her to cancer Sept. '09) but this new little girl is keeping me busy!
Sorry for you loss and your new puppy is so cute! Welcome!
Welcome, from a fellow Seattleite! Your pup is such a cutie!
Welcome from another person close to Seattle (Ft Lewis area). Your pup is adorable!
So sorry you lost your girl, but how wonderful that you got a relative as your next pup. Very sweet :)
sorry for your loss. welcome to the board! she's a cute lil pup!!! its cool you were able to get a relative of your late GSD.
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