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Hello from Omaha, NE

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Hello - I'm Lisa and I live in Omaha, Ne. I had a GSD for 14 years named Shadow - he was by far the best dog I have ever had. So intuitive, intelligent, kind, respectful and a true gentleman! He passed away last June and Casey (my 11 year old Female Shepherd/Rott mix) and I are just now ready to consider a new playmate. My husband (who came into the picture 2 years ago) understands our desire for a new "man" in our life, but was the voice of reason and we've decided to wait until next spring to welcome a new family member to our pack.

Since I haven't had a puppy for over 11 years now, I was so glad to find this forum to get prepared to bring home our new little one. I'm thankful to have Casey as a wonderful "mentor" for our new puppy...she had Shadow to show her the ropes, now it's her turn to impress upon the new puppy the "do's" and "dont's" of our home. She will be a great teacher and provide this puppy with life lessons that neither my husband nor I ever could.

So, if I can share a bit about the GSD as I know them, I would hope that anyone considering this breed, learn all they can and know for sure that they are going to be a confident and calm pack leader, because that is truly what they want and need from their human. They are so intelligent and intuitive that you must stay in the moment and "in tune" with them, so they can live a happy and long life! They will tell you what they need, you just have to be open and available to hear them!

Best of luck to everyone with their GSD's - they are truly the greatest of all things "Dog" and you will be rewarded with their unconditional love and respect that can't be compared to anything known by anything else :).

In honor of my 'Shadow' - "Born a Dog...Died a Gentleman" ~Unknown~​
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Hi and welcome to the forum, Lisa! :greet: Shadow sounds like a wonderful dog. I'll bet your new pup will live up to his legacy. We hope to see pics of your new pup and her mentor, Casey.
Thanks Sarah!! I will certainly post lots of pics of the new puppy....if spring ever gets here! I can't wait!! :)
Thanks Dottie! I'm finding a lot of great information here and loving all the pictures that everyone has posted! :)
Welcome to the forum Lisa. I like your signature..Born a Dog..died a gentleman ..infact it's very impressive
Welcome to the forum :) and I'm very sorry to hear about your boy Casey..
Thanks Ahazra - that quote fits my Shadow perfectly. He really was a true gentleman! Sorry, I just noticed your reply. Is there a way to get notified when people reply to a post you've done or a thread you've been involved in? Just curious :D
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