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Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Emily and my husband and I live in northern Illinois with our 1 year old doberman, Brinks. My husband works as a maintenance tech on heavy machinery and is currently in the Army reserves. I am finishing up my second year of medical school.

We have been looking to add a German Shepherd for a few months and found a fantastic breeder about 30 minutes from us. They have spent hours and hours with us, showing us around, introducing us to their dogs and past puppies, letting us watch training and answering questions. We thought that it was going to be a few more months before a puppy was ready for us but we may get lucky and be bringing home a little girl next week! The breeder we picked out is bringing in a litter from Germany out of Schumann von Tronje and there is a little girl still available so we are going to meet her and see if she's what we want or not.

We have three top priorities for our pup. 1)A family dog that will be ok with our future kids. 2)A playmate and companion for Brinks. 3)A dog that my husband can work in Schutzhund. Brinks and I train in agility together and he is jealous that we have "our thing!" My husband would also add protection to this list because one of his concerns is that with his military obligation he is called away from home a lot and he wants to know I'm safe while he's gone.

The breeder that we've chosen has a fantastic training program and seems incredibly successful with their Schutzhund training. We are very excited about possibly bringing home a pup next week but we are also more than willing to wait for what we want if need be. We already made a list of what this puppy must have and what it must not have because I know as soon as my husband sees this import pup he'll want her no matter what so we're going in with some ground rules!

We've spoken to several people that have German Shepherds, but we are always willing to learn more so any advice would be appreciated! The only thing I am not excited about is the hair!
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