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Hello From Northern California. Wife and I just lost part of our family, our dog was only 11 when he got cancer. We have had a couple of dogs but never Shepherds; we have had Malamutes, and a very big labs.

Took care of a friends Shepherd for a couple of weeks and just fell in love with her. We are a couple in our very early 60s but still very active. Seeking to learn about Shepherds and have decided we want to adopt two. We live in rural area outside of Yosemite, have a well fenced very, very large yard. We are the type that takes our pets with us when we travel or just out to the store. Our dogs have been very much part of the family, live indoors and outdoors.

We are looking into fostering but also know how quickly we can become attached, so advice needed there. Hope to learn much from this forum.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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