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Ellie, the old girl had no prey drive to speak of, never looked at a chicken or my loose house birds (finches) and the second girl Daisy's parents are the reason I came back for another Daisy. They are 100% sensible, great trackers, wonderful with livestock, and Dad's learning to guide-- he took to this naturally to help the owner who has blinding migraines and a busy dog daycare. They are just "pet" shepherds, she has a litter a year- but they stamp their kids with what I like. Sweet tempers. Solid temperament. Healthy hips and eyes (so far). Straight backs. I'd trust them with the oldest person, or the smallest. The youngest puppy is very much like my old girl, though she's a lot of fun-- she's a thinker, she observes everything and reminds me of a little wise adult. 2 pups, 3 years apart and between the two of them one pooped on her first night and has never made another mistake, and the older, only ever pee'd once or twice. The beauty of these dogs is the breeder does a lot of the work- by the time they are ready to come home, they are almost all housebroken. Many of the pups come back to the daycare so it's been nice to see them growing up.
These 2 sisters, are like 2 hearts. They sleep curled up together, spooning. Super weird- neither has boundaries. While Daisy is too much of a social butterfly to be a good service dog for me, I think her little sister might do the job, she's super intuitive little thing. Love them.
I never intended to have 3 dogs, but Ellie's failing and Daisy would lose her mind if she was a single dog. Turns out Ellie adores the puppy- and is more than game to have her face chewed on, just don't jump on her. If it gives her 6 more months or a year, I'll be more than happy.
The geese- well...they are pets, hand raised- they were born 8 years ago here, so by rights they are the bosses. Daisy ignores them even when they bite her. So, Rosie isn't afraid of them either.
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