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Hello! My name is Cassandra, and I LOVE GSDs!! WHen I was young my mom had a german shepherd female. She was rescued from an abusive home. My mom got her for my grandparents,(They loved GSDs also and have owned them before, they also lived in Indiana and had to meet to pick her up from my mom) when they did meet.. "Jodie" growled at my grandparents. She did not want to leave my mom. She was 5years old then. She lived to be 16 then we put her down. Her legs were swollen, and she began to loose her hair, so we thought it was her time.

A few years after Jodie died, my grandparents moved to missouri. They wanted another big dog(They had 3 bichons and a schnauzer), either a English or bull mastiff, or a GSD. They found Sofie at a shelter. She was 2 years old, light coloured female. I went with them to pick her up. She was so beautiful to me. She did great with the dogs and cats ect, ect..
(Here is sofie)

A few months after they had her, me and her developed a strong bond. I came over nearly everyday. She would go right past all of my family to get to me, then she would 'feel' me or 'mouth' me.(She did this strange thing- would kindof chomp on your arm, like chewing on it, but not in a mean way. In a way to show affection). She loved me. And I loved her. Then when she was about 7 years old, she began to develope hip-dysplasia. Within a couple months she could hardly stand up from laying down. We decided, what was one very hard decision, to put her out of her misery. So we had the vet give a shot and that was the end.

She made me love german shepherds. After a few years, I wanted one. My grandpa knew how much she meant to me, and how much I wanted one. Everytime they come to visit they look for one for sale.

It just so happened last month my grandparents were visiting from Indiana. My mom called my and said to come home right away.. its urgent. I had a feeling, right away, something just clicked, and I knew then. So I rushed home and sure enough they, my grandparents and my mom cooked up a little scheme and got me a 10 week old male german shepherd puppy.

So here he is- Preston Henry. Born August 10 2010. His mother died from heartworms.(When I first got him)

Him and his sister and dad were living outside. He was underwieght and in the one month of me having him he gained almost 20lbs.

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