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Hello there,

GiGi joined our family in November. She is our first GSD ever and our first dog in a long time. She is 6 months old. Our entire family is really in love with her.

We are curious about things we can do through AKC or other clubs as novices or for our kids (14 and 9).

We are having trouble with getting her to eat right now as she was boarded with a trainer for 5 weeks and was fed only Bil Jac frozen food. We can't find that anywhere nearby and she is not interested in any of the many other dry foods we have tried. I have tried putting chicken broth on them without much success. I would love some advise on this. I guess we could order the frozen Bil Jac to be shipped but it isn't specifically made for puppies... I read on a dog food rating site and it was given 3 out of 5 stars so I'm not really sure... It's probably better than her not eating much at all though. Help.....
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