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I'd like to introduce myself and my new GSD companion, "Kelly." We are located in Kitsap County, WA.

We recently lost our beloved Rottweiler "Sadie" due to complications resulting from Addison's Disease. Because of our close relationship with Sadie, we could not envision another Rott (her being our second in 15 years) because we want to remember her in our own way as the ultimate friend/ambassador of that breed.

We decided to go with another breed. My wife's had GSD's in her childhood, and I had one in mine, so it was time to find a GSD companion.

I found Kelly's breeder while searching the internet. Actually, 2 of her sisters were featured in a dog's for sale section. After speaking with her breeder, she suggested we meet Kelly. I thought that odd, as I was interested in the girls on the web page, but trusted her intuition.

So Saturday we went up North, deciding to make a day of it to meet the clan. Mom and Dad were just awesome and seem to approve of us being there. After working with them, we moved on to the siblings. Lastly, we met Kelly and her brother.

Kelly immediately came to us and seemed especially interested in my wife. I watched in a distance as they seemed to meld. In the end, I appreciated the high prey, rank drive and working independence of the others, but Kelly really suited us more and appealed to our lifestyle. She would seem content to work at our pace and end up curled at our feed after a long day.

She's exceeded our expectations, had showed little separation anxiety and is eating and drinking well. She knows basic OB commands, and seems to love her crate.

We are looking forward to spending our life with her and I come to learn as much as I can to give her the best chance for a balanced loving life.

That's about it. Kelly, 8 months, Sable GSD. You can see her portrait on my photoblog located at:

Natural Capturings


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Welcome and can't wait to see pictures of your sable girldog HERE!

Be great if you can go into your User CP and put your GENERAL location so it shows up in all of your many future posts :) under your avatar!
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