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Hello From Ireland

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Hello my name is Rosa, I'm 22 from Ireland...

I have a 15 week old white gsd called Hachi and a 10 week old black gsd called Roku.

Some great information on the forum and i'm looking forward to finding out more on the best care for my two puppies.

Rosa. :cool:
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Welcome Rosa! Two puppies? Wow ... you must be very busy! Do you have pictures?
Welcome. And I wish you many wonderful years with your two pups!
wow you're crazy like ME!! two pups! Congrats and welcome to the board!
Yup very busy indeed, I first got my white one and absolutely fell in love with the breed so got my black one they are hard work but it's worth it! :D

Here is a picture of the two boys together...As you can tell there is a big size difference between the two of them!

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They are so cute!!!
Thank you very much Macs Mom!:thumbup:
Awwww, they are so cute, enjoy!
Oh how cute!! Both beautiful pups. You already know they're a lot of work but you're young, you can take it!!
Welcome to forum. They are sooooo cute :wub:
welcome to the board.... two pups and two boys.... you have your hands full!!!! congrats on your new little guys!!! We look forward to seeing MANY more pictures... and hearing all about thier weights and quirks!!!
Welcome!! They are absolutely too cute!!
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, it really is a great site! :D
Welcome! Your pups are so adorable :wub: I look forward to hearing more about them and pic's too of course! :)
Hello and welcome to the forum!

Both of your puppies are adorable although I must say that I love the black one!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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