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Hello from IL

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I found this site by doing some research.I just recently had to put my best friend Diesel down 3 weeks ago(sickness).It is defiantly rough not having him around.So my wife and I decided to try an adopt a GSD.
Looking for a new friend now.Hope to meet some new friends on the forum.


Here are some pics of Diesel

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So sorry for your loss. Diesel was a very good looking boy.

There are lots of wonderful dogs needing adopting in Illinois. I'm sure you've checked out petfinder and there are also members of this board who work with gsd rescue organizations in IL. When you're ready you can make a separate post and ask for recommendations for rescues in your area.
Hello and welcome!
Diesel was indeed beautiful. We are truly sorry for your loss.
Welcome from another in IL. I am so sorry for your loss, he was a very handsome boy. It is so hard to loose a best friend.
Welcome from Northern Illinois!

Welcome to the forum !
So sorry to here your boy Diesel had to be put down. I know the saddness and indecision that goes with such a painful choice. Be reassured that he is in Great Company, running free and painless !!!
Again, Welcome ! :)
Greetings from a fellow inmate of the institution
known as Illinois.

So sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you are going
through having to have my best friend of 13 years put
down this past May due to cancer.

A new dog helps...but dont rush into it. You will know
when you are ready.
Welcome from Michigan :) I'm truly sorry for the loss of Diesel. He was a gorgeous boy!!!!
hi! sorry about Diesel :(

There are lots of posts on here for rescues, as well as people who know some great IL breeders.
Well my wife and I responded to a Craigslist ad about a 10 month old male GSD.The owner has a bad back and can not give home the exercise and attention that he needed.So we took him home last night for a trail run.He has excellent car and house manners.We like him a lot he is a little vocal when he sees another dog.Hopefully we can give him a better home.Here is Nitro-(those are not his little dog bowls)


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Welcome from the far West Suburbs (Freeport).
Best wishes to you!
Welcome, great thing for taking in a pup in need, he's a handsome boy!
welcome from Great lakes IL hope all goes well with the new pup!
He is a cutie, how wonderful that you could help a boy in need.
Welcome from the gassy bowels of IL, beautiful central IL. Sorry about your boy :(
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