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Hello from Battle Creek, Mi

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Hello all,

I been reading this site for quiet sometime and finally decided to register. I do have a 2 year old GSD named Bosco. He is our guard dog in the house and fills the house with happiness. He is our perfect dog, but he is still a big puppy.

Couple things about Bosco:
1. He is still growing and I can tell because a week ago, we noticed he is starting to show a saddle. As of before he was mostly black. He is sizing up pretty good and I have him on TOTW (Venison) since he was 12 months old. Last year, he started limping on his front left leg. I took him to the vet and took x-rays and nothing showed up. And they said to take it slow for couple weeks and he got better. Now he s been limping for the last week from the same leg. I checked all his leg from the top, joints, bend and pull on it and don't mind a thing. I massage it for him everyday and still cannot find the source of the pain. I am on a budget and cannot go with the x-rays and the vet visit again.

2. He is a pretty behaved all the time, but I need some help change a habit of his. We have few steps in front of the front door of the house, and when we let him out, he jump the steps flying. I am scared he is going to hurt himself or fracture a bone. Lately I been walking him down the steps and them let him go. What else can i do to explain to him that he need to go down the steps slow...

Thank you all for your help!
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Hello, welcome to the site, and happy Thanksgiving!
:welcome: and happy Turkeyy Day! :)
Welcome. Put him on a leash and teach him to he can walk up the steps.
He may be pulling a muscle. Dakoda pulled her muscle on her right foreleg yesterday. It'll go away eventually. Just gotta work it off nd take it easy.
Wow, thanks for the fast replies. Zayda I will try that. And happy Thanksgiving everybody.
Welcome from Mattawan. Bosco may have been suffering from a bout of Panosteitis. The TOTW is not the best for growing pups, but now that he is two, stay on it. What food did you feed him before that?
How much does he weigh and how tall is he(at the shoulder)?
As he ages he will probably get more tan, is he from showlines? I look forward to seeing pics of Bosco!
Welcome to the forum :)
Totally agree about Bosco going through Pano. Just take it easy with him (no jumping, excessive running), and he should out grow it. For the steps, like someone had mentioned. Put him on a short leash and walk him down the steps. You could also train him with a command like "easy" when your taking him down the steps, or what ever word you want to use for this. I would also praise him or give him a treat when he does walk down the steps nicely verses jumping all of them.
Welcome to the forum!!
Hello from Farmington Hills, Mich! +1 on Onyxgirls post, I feed TOTW to my adult, and will be feeding Orijen when I bring my pup home.
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