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So I was baby sitting today, the two six year olds. I generally have been bringing two dogs who sit in my car in crates most of the day, but at least they can potty while I am there mid day, and if we are in luck and it is not raining, we can go for a walk.

Today it was Heidi's turn to go for a walk. I needed sour cream for the dinner, so after lunch, I had the girls do a forced march about 1.5 miles each way to this small corner store. And we took Heidi who is also six.

The first dog we met was a little dog that was walking with her person, who was walking with another person who had a stroller and and a baby. The little dog-person saw us and crossed the street. The lady with the baby and stroller did not believe we were baby killers so she held her ground and advanced toward us. I was polite and gave her the sidewalk as she had a baby and all.

At the end of the first quarter mile, Heidi dumped. I was prepared, and holding the offering, I looked at the girls and said, who wants to carry the poop? Well, let's just admit that the girls are not quite ready to be full-fledged dog owners yet.

No garbage cans in residential areas. But I saw a guy patroling his yard for bombs, and his yellow lab-like dog was loose. The dog came for us, and the guy calls that the dog is friendly. Boy would he not have been happy if Heidi wasn't.

I decided to ask him if I could add my baggy to his pile. And he said sure. So I walked over his lawn, Heidi and yellow lab in tow to put the bag with his shtuff. That was real nice of him, considering it was a long walk to the nearest garbage can.

I was real happy with Heidi. The girls kept petting her, and they were horsing around, and at one point, Analisa hit me -- not bad, but I told her, don't hit me in front of my dog. But Heidi could care less. The girls are no threat.

Anyway, a few dogs later and a lot of streets and ground covered, we got to this little corner store. Heidi passed her CGC when she was about 1, but I never leave her anywhere, save maybe to be groomed. And this has NEVER happened before, my smallest bill was a 50, and I couldn't send the kids in with that.

So maybe this was stupid, but I tied her leash to the picnic table farthest from the road/doors of the store, and put the girls on the bench of another, and told them to tell anyone coming up not to go near the dog. I then darted into the store and rushed down one of the two aisles to the fridge and found the sour cream and rushed back to the check out.

Heidi was ON the pic nic table. Oops, probably shouldn't have taught her that. And the girls were not on their bench, they were with her. Uhg. I almost went back out there, but the guy behind the counter said she was fine. I motioned the kids back to their bench. The guy in front of me kept going on lottery, and I was getting antsy. The lady in front of me let me take her place -- I am not sure I thanked her -- sorry if I didn't, nice lady.

Anyhow, back outside, the girls let me know a boy did come up, but they told him not to go near the dog. I got her and we retraced our steps a bajillion miles back to my sister's house, up and down all of Seven Hills' hills. And we passed more dog walkers, and Heidi ignored them all supremely.

What a great girl.

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Its to bad you didn't have a camera, because I'm sure the dog/kids on the bench was adorable. Its nice to have a dog that can do things with its people.
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