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Heidi & I have the whole weekend together!

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This weekend is opening day pheasant season, so husband and the labs will be gone for the entire weekend, which means Heidi and I have the weekend to ourselves! I love spending time alone with Heidi and I am wondering how many other GSD owners feel the same. She and I talk together all the time, well, I talk, but she looks deep into my eyes and listens to me attentively. Sometimes she even flicks her ear or nods in response. On the other hand, I once tried to have a heart-to-heart with Loki, chocolate lab; he was in the back seat and made a sound, which I thought was a response to something I'd said, so I looked back and it was a snore! He was fast asleep. The labs think if I'm not throwing something or feeding them that I'm the most boring human in the world. But Heidi hangs on my every word (which is probably the source of some of the problems we've had, but that's another story). The only fly in the ointment is that trick-or-treat is Saturday night. Normally, we put Heidi in the bedroom because it distresses her and she barks and tries to drive the trick-or-treaters away. However, although I wouldn't dream or disappointing the kids by skipping it, I am a little unnerved to be in the house alone, opening the door to anyone who knocks (even if they are wearing a hockey mask) and having my first line of defense locked in the bedroom. I think I will keep her loose and if she drives people away, so be it.
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I feel the same way about my Sinister, so you are not alone. GSD's are great listeners. :)

I dont like kids so I dont do the whole trick or treating thing. This year I have my GSD/Husky mix that does not like strangers, I would have to keep him in his crate because I do believe that he would bite, I would rather not crate my dog so once again there will be no trick or treaters welcomed at my place. :D
You should dress Heidi up in a costume lol
You should dress Heidi up in a costume lol
and have her do a trick for a treat :laugh:
Panzer is a great listener too. Don't you love when they offer a head tilt? I love my time with my boy too. One of the girls at work made some "artwork" using a photocopy of my actual wedding photo, she altered the faces of my wedding party to those of coworkers & the groom was Panzer. :D

The John Tesh radio show said that 88% of women see a quality in their dogs that they wish they saw in their spouses. LOL!
How great for you! I wish my husband and kids would go away for the weekend ;)
and have her do a trick for a treat :laugh:
Exactly lol :laugh:
Veronica, your friend is hilarious!

You know I've thought of trying to organize a trick-or-treat for the neighborhood dogs, like asking people to dress them up and take them and letting others know to have dog treats on hand. But I already have a reputation for liking dogs better than children and I'm afraid that would just be the last straw!
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