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I know this is rather a good thing but makes me want to ask about it.

Recently I've been really challenging Tash above that I've been challening her before.

I was always dreaming of a "perfect" heel with her. To the point of one day a little kid can walk her, of course with me right next to them

Anyways the last 3 times I've taken her for a walk. During each walk I'd just drop the leash and have her heel. The 1st walk I dropped it for about half the walk -just around our block- and she did awesome! Put her through her paces and she was always right next to me

2nd walk she did ok but it wasn't nearly as good so I didn't do it that long -once again just around the block-

But todays walk thats a whole different story. I was ot holding onto the leash for about 3/4s of the walk and she did pefect
We even had some pretty big distractions. We walked past the dog run -which is a part of the beach and she loves swimming down there- so that was a really hard thing for her to do to just walk past it. The there were lots of cars driving by -I was always ready to grab the leash-. And even better, birds flying around and making noise. There was a point in which two dogs went barking nuts at a door and Tash just ignored them
She never once barked on this walk.

Question is, is there a reason she heels better when I'm not holding on. She tends to pull every once and a while when I am, but as soon as I let go she right by my side.

She's not ready to do that past other dogs though. She'd go say hi and talk to them
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