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Heeling/ Running with GSD

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I'm not sure what to do, I love walking with my 6 month old puppy, but when it comes to running with him he will start to run in front of me. I actually tripped over him and rolled into the grass with him because he was pulling the leash and running in front of me. Does anyone here have any tips? Do I need to bring him to obedience school?
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There are very few dogs that wouldn't benefit from going to dog school, so, yes, you should take him there. As for running with him, there is no excuse for letting him pull you put a pinch collar on him and use it if needed - and you have the option of keeping him at your side or in front of you at the end of the leash. I have found for my dog that keeping him in front at the end of the leash is by far the best place for him when running. My other dogs and fosters I keep at my side.
does your puppy know how to heel when simply walking? if not, definitely start with that, and slowly increase your speed so it understands where it needs to be when walking or running.
Yes he knows how to somewhat heel when walking, most of the time he is pretty good about staying by my side. It's just that I'd like to be able to run with him, and I can't.
OB classes are good for you and your dog.
how far are you running with your pup?
i wouldn't run with my 6 month old pup.
i would wait untill my pup was older and more
developed. i think if you teach your dog
to heel he should run beside you. i think you should teach
your dog to run or heel on either side of you
on or off leash. why don't you fold down the leash
or hold the leash closer to the collar to keep the dog close to you.
Thanks for the advice but I do hold the leash close to me, but the problem is that the dog is 55 pounds. It is hard to control him when I am running like that.
I recommend obedience school too for a lot of reasons- you'll work a lot on heeling at different speeds and changing directions, it will increase your dog's focus on you and your movements, and it's fun. You'll both benefit from the socialization
What's the problem with the dog running in front of you? Is he too close?
Mine runs in front of me and I prefer it. That way I know where she is.
I run with my dog Buddy both on and off leash. We did obedience training when he was about 6 months old (he's 5 now) and it has made him such an amazing dog IMO. Just reinforcing the commands that he learns is a great way to build your relationship so that he knows what you want and expect. He is so smart and LOVES knowing what he's supposed to do and doing it! I'm sure your pup is smart and will be easy to teach...most shepherds are from what I've seen.

I like for Buddy to run in front of me when off leash running on trails and he knows stop and wait commands if he gets too far ahead. (like to keep him within about 10-15 feet) When we run in town he is on the leash and stays on my left side sometimes a little out front but he knows to not get in the way. It takes time to
teach them what you expect but if you are patient and consistent they will get it.

6 months is a little young to start running with them IMO. I would start with teaching him commands you want him to know (obedience class is good place to start) and work him into running as he gets a little older.

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i wouldn't run with my 6 month old pup.
i would wait untill my pup was older and more
Prolonged Repetitive motion, like running, can be hard on growing joints. Most people who condition their dogs wait until the dog is at least over a year old to start doing road work.

I let my pups run all they want off leash in the yard and on dirt/sand/ softer surfaces. If they set the pace it's usually good for them to have that kind of exercise. But I wouldn't do it on a leash on the road where they would feel compelled to stay with me and keep up.
If you want to run your puppy, go for it regardless of the surface. I have yet to see one of these dogs with problems with their joints that were running at an early age, including my own dogs, as long as they are structurally sound. If your dog isn't structurally sound, then you need to take caution and probably will never be able to run with your dog for any distance.
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