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The only oops litter we have had in our lifetime was a bitch who had a silent heat about 4 weeks after her expected heat cycle. She came in about when we expected, but like yours was only in heat about a week and then it seemed to be finished. She was 7-8 years old at the time so I figured things were slowing down and changing. Anyway, about 4 weeks later I hear a distinctive yelp sound and go into the living room and she and my husband's dog were tied. No bleeding, no swelling, none of the males even expressing an interest. So we were baffled, but there ya go. Of course, she had 7 healthy puppies right on schedule.
The first few heat cycles can be erratic, so I wouldn't worry too much. Some of ours come in every 4-5 months, some every 6-7.
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