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Heartworm Treatment - Aftercare

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I am going to be fostering a dog during his recovery from heartworm treatment and would love any input from those who have had experience with this treatment.

The one thing I am a bit concerned about is if he will be able to get in and out of my SUV (about 30" off the ground) I don't plan on taking him out and about or anything, but I want to make sure that if there is a complication I will be able to transport him to the vet safely and quickly.

He is a very cute and sweet 6 year old male named Lucas. He got his first round of the treatment today and is doing well (has been eating and drinking) and will be released from the vet on Saturday.
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He is adorable! Do you really think he's six? I guess it could be a rough six years-he just has a little of that sweetie senior look to him to me.

If I had to take him somewhere and couldn't find someone with a car to take us, I'd (oof) lift him into the SUV and have someone at the vet office come out to help me get him out when we got there.

I like this site, complete with disclaimers:

This is also good:

Good basics on the worms:

Are they doing the three shot? I get confused-I think there is a three shot now?

One thing my vet told me was that you would be surprised at how very little a dog has to do to strain themselves and throw a clot. So I understand that nervousness!
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He could be older, he was picked up as a stray so the age is pretty much the vet's estimation.

It was a two shot treatment, he got the first one yesterday and the second today.

He is a pretty mellow guy, so I don't think I will have too much trouble keeping him calm. I am planning on taking the next few weeks to study for my real estate exam, so I will be home with him most of the time. I am a bit nervous about taking him outside when its so hot and he will have to walk about 50 feet down the driveway. He is house trained, so I hope that he will let me know when he needs to go out so that we can avoid any unnecessary trips.
Jean only your dogs look that good as seniors.
You've got some kind of fountain of youth masquerading as a kiddie pool in your back yard or something, I'm sure of it.

I'd like to see more pics, but I'd believe he could be 6 depending on the life he's led. Very pretty boy! I agree he looks kinda of seniorish in the side view but sometimes what looks "old" is that lack of rear muscle tone and poor coat you see in dogs who have been living in small pens.

We've treated several with HWs and so far no complications - huge knock on wood - but you do have to keep them calm and unless they are really really bad off they don't actually feel very unwell so they don't appreciate it! Short walks outside should be okay though. That's great that you can be home with him. At least that way he has the companionship even if we can't do anything yet.
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