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Work on reading his body language and preemptively telling him 'No cat'. You might see the cat first and tell him No Cat. Or he might see it first and you need to watch how his posture changes. Ears up, little wiggle in the butt means I need to tell my girl 'Nien Squirrel' - cats she can deal with, it's squirrels she has to chase.

He's only 9 months old, this is the age he's going to start testing what he can get away with. So it's import you are extra firm with him about how he is to behave.

Originally Posted By: GSDogAnd sometimes when he sees a small dog he can do the same till i let him go cause i know he wont do anything to the dog but just smell it and play..
Please don't do this. 'Don't worry, he's friendly' drives me nucking futs. Just becuase YOUR dog won't do anything, doesn't mean the other dog wouldn't. You would be blamed if your dog is off lead and messes up a little dog who wasn't friendly.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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