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I was called to do evaluations at our club's CGC test last night. I usually use Kayos as the other dog for the "greet a friendly dog" test. She is an ace at it and is always calm and unruffled. But she was "unavailable" last night due to a last minute committment at her Doberman friend's home.

So Havoc was pressed into emergency service as the greeter dog. He did not do a bad job considering he is not even a year old yet and just recently passed his CGC. His biggest problem was wanting to play with a few of the smaller dogs and we had to go get Jack the Papillon to back up Havoc. He also felt the need to be with me so whined when I tethered him to the wall, in fact he untied himself and came trotting over twice. I was admittedly a bit concerned about using him as he is such an immature little kid but he did well, better than I thought, and I proud of the little guy - well, not really so little any more!

As for Kayos the little socialite, she had a grand time with Shreq, her Doberman buddy. Kayos was happy to come out for the test until she saw Shreq with his person, Aunty Eileen. Aunty Eileen loves Kayos to pieces. She keeps Kayos whenever we travel as the diva does not baord well. So when Aunty Eileen said that Shreq asked if Kayos could come to his to play - well I couln't tell her no.

So Kayos went to Shreq's and Havoc went to work.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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