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Have you read or heard???

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Have any of you read or heard of the books "How to Speak Dog" by Stanley Coren or "What is my dog thinking?" by Gwen Bailey?

Just wondering what you thought about them. I saw them for the first time the other day in the book store and haven't even heard of them before...

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I have not. But I have seen Stanley Coren give demos on TV and was impressed with his good common sense approach to dogs and training, if that helps.
I have read a number of Stanley Corens books and they are all excellent, particularly "How to Speak Dog" and "Why Does My Dog Act That Way".
I have Stanley Coren's "How to Speak Dog" and "How Dogs Think". Excellent books.
I am currently reading How to Speak Dog. It is great so far.
May have to add that to my library......
I decided to get both!! they are EXCELLENT books so far.
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