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It really depends on why you would like to use a harness. I saw from the second post in your thread that he does some pulling and that you are usually using a prong collar or a martingale. If those work for you to control pulling, there really is not much of a reason to change. Whether a dog is more comfortable in a harness or a collar really depends on the dog, the fit of the harness (or collar) and how you are using it.

There are two types of harnesses, ones where the leash clips to the back and ones where the leash clips at the front of the chest.

Harnesses where the leash clips onto the back are not good for controlling pulling because they allow the dog to put his full weight into the harness and pull you. I have two harnesses where the leash clips to the back and I use the one primarily for agitation work and the other is sort of my general purpose harness (it has small pouches on the side).

Harnesses where the leash clips to the front are usually specially designed to turn the dog toward you when he starts forging ahead, so they help control pulling and give you more control. If I had to compare a front-clip harness to a prong, however, I would say that a prong gives you more control and would be more comfortable. (I've had some issues with that type harness rubbing behind the legs, which I am assuming is not particularly comfortable for a dog.)

If your prong and/or martingale work for you, there's no reason not to stick with them. However, if you want to try something different and think it may give you a better result or that your dog may prefer it, there certainly is no reason not to try it, either. Maybe you could borrow a front-clip harness from a friend to try?
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