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Harlan, KY- Ozzie, Male, LH

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Listed as mix but looks like a PB LH to me.....

Meet Ozzie! Ozzie is a wonderful dog with a lot to offer but he does have some issues. Ozzie has had a rough life....maybe a little rougher than most. When he first came to us he was untouchable. Now he lets us pet him from head to tail. He wasn't used to love and affection. Ozzie is still a little nervous around new people and some times it takes him a little while to learn that you wont throw somthing at him or hit him with anything. His past life wasn't a great one but its improving. He would be much happier in a loving home where all eyes are on him. Ozzie is around 50-60 pounds. His age is undertermined but we are fairly certain he is under five years of age. If you are interested in this pet, please contact <a target="_blank" href="mailto:[email protected]>Harlan Rescue Coordinator

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Totally short notice but we've got a transport running from Harlan up to Chicago, then to Wisconsin and finally Minneapolis if anyone is interested in this dog.
8/1 PetFinder says that Ozzie was Adopted. Hope you got a good Ozzie.

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