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Hard Plastic Swimming Pools

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This is kind of a General info question...Where is everyone able to buy those hard plastic swimming pools I"m seeing so many of in the Pictures area??? They use to sell them around here but I can't find them anywhere anymore. Does anyone have any tips on where I can find them?
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I got Kaiser's at a store called the Pharm - it was a discount drugstore that has since closed - but I have seen them at a farm and garden store around here. Maybe Rite Aid or Walgreen's might have them (not sure if you have them in CA or not), or possibly WalMart or K-Mart?
Usually out front of WalMart, Target, KMart. Especially this time of year. Off season they are hard to find
I haven't had any luck at any of those stores, but didn't check
K Mart... I'll have to check them. Maybe too if I try in a hotter location, a little further South I might have some success. So far I've check everywhere all without any success. But its nice to know they are still making them. At this point I would buy just about any size just to have one. Right now we are using a liner for a pond....its ok but they need more room and something thats not in several levels.
I found one on line for under 30.00!!! Too bad the EXTRA shipping charges are 89.00....I don't think will be getting one that way
I'll just have to keep looking.
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I got mine a walmart
Mine came from walmart. They usually sell out quick once it gets hot.

Try a hardware store - our local Ace had them last week.
you have to get the early. go troll outside of walmart, kmart, etc. you shouldn't even have to get out of the pool to check.

try toys r us too but you'll probably have to go inside the store to find them there.
I had the same situation last year. I waited until too late in the summer and never was able to find them. You might pull out the phone book and call the stores - that way if they have one, maybe they will hold it for you. Plus, you'll save on gas (we all know THAT isn't cheap).

This year I decided I wasn't going to have the problem of not getting them a pool, so as soon as they came out at Wal*Mart, I bought 4. I figure that'll last me for a bit.
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I was in the same pickle earlier this year when I started looking for one. It had gotten warm outside, but it wasn't "pool season" yet, so I wasn't able to find one. I went to all the usual places that tend to stock them: Big Lots, Walmart, Target, etc.

In the end, I finally found one at the local Dollar General. It set me back $8 and it's blue with little cartoon fish printed all over it.

Of course, the week after, I saw the plain blue ones at Petsmart, they finally started stocking them.
I got a large blow up one at Walmart. Everyone said his nails would pop it but so far so good. It is 3 ft by 7 ft. Very cute to see him wade around.
I'd like to get one of these for the dogs and put it in their outdoor kennel for the really hot days. Do they make them in squares or rectangles? The round ones would take up too much room.
I have not seen a square or rectangular one. However, you could probably find something that shape that could be turned into a dog pool ... an old bath tub, maybe?
Ah! That might work Chris! An old low bath tub might be just the ticket. I'll be on the lookout for one now.
there is also longer type swimming pools..well really stock tanks, at tractor supply stores, albeit more expensive we cannot do the plastic pools around here, they get destroyed by Kelso almost immediately

we have not bought one yet, but I know that Lynn has one or two, not sure how hot they would get because of the steel, but they also have some heavier plastic ones in different sizes, some shallow ect.

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Oh yeah! I should've thought about those. Plenty around here alright. I'll head on over to my local Tractor Supply. Thanks!
I have a plastic one, and Kacies fuzzybutt fits fine in it. My daughter and I saw a huge one at Meijer yesterday, but I passed on it as it needs to be dumped out daily and the bigger it is the harder to empty! The dogs would have loved diving in it though.
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