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Hunter 'got us' 2 years ago today. I had been looking for a pup for a few months when a co-worker found him (his name was 'martin' at the time) on Pet Finder. The rescue is located about 1-1/2 hours north of us but as luck would have it, they were doing an adopt a day at a store located just a few miles from our house. Fate?

Gracie did a good job of being the 'big sister' and helped us train him...mostly by tattling when he was doing something wrong. But they took to each other right away.

One of my favorite pics of him when we was young.

He's been a challenge to train but one of the sweetest little guys that we've had. He recently surprised me by getting his CGC on the first try! So he does have a little brain in there somewhere!!!!

This picture pretty much sums up his personality. Goofy, lovable boy.

We love you buddy. Thanks for 'getting' us!!!!

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