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Happy Birthday, Abby

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Abby is 5 years old today.

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Happy Birthday Abby!!!!
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Happy Birthday Abby!!
What a beauty!
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Happy birthday Abby, I wish you many many more!!

She is a gorgeous girl!!
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happy Birthday you gorgeous lady!
Hope she has a special day with her special people!!!
Happy birthday Abby! The clarity in that picture is amazing!!!
Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Abby!
A BIG Happy Birthday to Abby!!!!!
Happy Bark Day pretty girl!!!
nice pretty!
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Happy birthday pretty girl !!
Such a beautiful girl! Happy birthday Abby!
Thank you so much, everyone!

She got a bit spoiled today since it was her birthday. She had a nice steak (and then half of DH's steak and a piece of salami as well ...) for dinner, and was allowed on the couch to watch TV after.
A very Happy Belated Birthday to Abby, home she enjoyed her special steak dinner.
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1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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