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Happy 5th birthday Cody!

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Today Cody turned 5 years old! We were also at a pet fair so that is why there are other people in the pictures.
I took pictures and a video yesturday since I new today I would be to busy to take photos, so here is Cody at 5 years.

Me and Cody

For some reason, my dogs look really small here

And a VERY funny video

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Happy Birthday Cody!! I love the bubble picture! It looks like you all had a great time too.
Cody!! That video is funny!
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Happy birthday Cody!! Great pics! It's hard to believe he is already 5 years old!!! Very handsome boy!!
Hi Missy,

Really enjoyed the pictures and do like the name of your dog.

!!! from this part of the world!!!
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Happy 5th b-day Cody!!
Happy Birthday Cody! I love the picture with him laying in your lap, its priceless!!!
I love the bubble picture, great timing.
Happy belated birthday!! I love the video, too!
It's almost like he's saying, well if I can't get the bubble I'll get my darn ball!!
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