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Happy 1st birthday Yana!!

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Yana, I love you very much my birthday girl

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Happy BIrthday Yana-you are a very pretty girl!
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Yana, and many more. A big 1 year old and very beautiful.
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happy 1st !!!
she's beautiful, very striking eyes
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AWWWW!! So beautiful. Happy Birthday Yana!

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Happy Birthday Yana!!!

What a beautiful pup!!!

Love the pic in the snow!!
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Happy Birthday Yana!!

Very Beautiful girl with very striking eyes!!
Oops!! I am a day late! Happy Bday pretty girl!

She sure is lovely, looks a lot like my Kayos!
Wow, gorgeous girl!
Happy birthday Yana!
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Wow! Her eyes are just stunning! (I bet you hear that a lot!)
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