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Happy Birthday Shay! I cant believe you are already a year old. Wow what a year we had had together. Shay is such a sweatheart. He is just a big cuddle boy and I have never seen any aggression from him towards any person or another dog (well beside Meb anyways, they play pretty hard) Shay loves to run and play. He can run very fast and he always has a toy in his mouth. He has the best personality, he is such a goofy dog and quite the clown. Happy Birthday Shay I hope you never change!!

Shays first night home with us

Hey Meb, now what are we suppose to do again when we see the cat??

Takin a nap


Meb teaching the Shay the correct way to stretch

Shay first snow

Kisses for big brother

Shay just loves to be outside playing in the snow

Born to RUN!!!

Anyone wanta play some football?

Luvs from Mommy

Shay's serious side

Happy Birthday Shay...We love you!!

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You are such a beautiful boy, both on the inside and out! Tank, Max and Jessie told me to wish you a great day!
Great pictures Cindy! I can't believe he is a year old already.

Heres a hug for you Shay, but I will give you one in person in a couple hours. Love, Aunt Cathy
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