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Happy 1st Birthday Lobo!!

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Okay this is long overdue, his birthday was on June 27th. I can't believe a year has past since he was born, I remember the breeder emailing me saying her dog had given birth and counting down the days till I would be able to pick him up. It's been a wild ride and I hope that it continues that way, he's changed my life for the better. Happy Birthday Lobo!!

He's gone from this:

to this:

The local dog store gave him a birthday bone:

And he got a bath on a hot summer day

Thanks for Looking!
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Happy birthday Lobo! Love those adorable puppy pics!
Hope you had a great birthday Lobo!!!!
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Happy 1st Birthday Lobo, looks like you enjoyed your special treat!
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Happy birthday Lobo!
happy birthday, belated that is

judging by the photos, that bone musta been yummy.
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Happy Birthday Lobo, I just love the floppy ears pictures!!
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