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... the Chihuahua, not so much, LOL.

The lady across the street has never come face to face with us while walking, but we know the family. The Chi is yappy and not very friendly.

We were turning the corner, and a palm tree obscured them from view, so it was too late to go elsewhere. Hans began wagging his tail, the woman and I exchanged cordial hellos, and I allowed him to briefly sniff the other dog. The other dog sniffed, too, but began to fuss, and Hans, still wagging, face in a relaxed doggie grin, walked on by with me.

I said "Good boy!" very enthusiastically, while I heard loud whining and, um, passing wind noises from behind. :rofl: The Chi had totally lost it, then began to growl, belatedly, as Hans and I headed home.

Good boy, Hans.
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