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I was in the office earlier this week, shortly before I needed to leave for work. I walked out of the room to go get dressed and saw Halo laying on the floor in the cat room across the hall. There's a cat gate across the entrance to keep the dogs out, and yet there she was. Dry food, empty. Canned food, plate licked clean. She was in the process of licking the food crumbs off the mat under the food dishes while Emmy sat on the floor nearby and watched her. Elvis had been in the office with me, but he jumped the gate into the room and gave Halo barely a glance ("oh, hey" :greet:) as he made his way to the litter box.

Somehow she'd managed to get the gate open far enough to squeeze through and help herself to the food I had just given them, and the funniest thing about it was how totally blase the cats were about her invading their sanctuary. They were all just hanging out in there like they dined together every day. LOL!

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Too funny! :D
Clever Halo. :) At least all that was eaten was the cat food and not the cats. lol
She wouldn't eat the cats, but she'd chase them! In their room on their turf it's different though. They're comfortable there so they won't run, and if they don't run they're not prey so the dogs treat them as equals.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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