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Hair Loss Spot

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Within the last two weeks, we have noticed that Mandalay has gotten a spot of hair loss on her chin. She also has mild hair loss around one eye. The skin is not red, not blotchy, she does not itch it, scratch it or bother it in any way. She does not seem to notice it. The spot on her chin is about the size of a quarter and does not seem to get bigger, neither does the spot around her left eye (which outlines the eye).

Any ideas? I was going to give it a few days before I freak out and call the vet since she does not seem to be bothered by this and it is not red or raw nor does it show any signs of being mange or irritated in the least. Also, these are not spots that she would be able to be rubbing on a crate or anything. I have been over everything and cannot find anything obvious that this could be.
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That sounds like demodectic mange. Is Mandalay a puppy?

"The first sign is a small, hairless patch near the eye, chin, or forelegs that doesn't itch much."

From here:
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