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Had a conversation with Odin

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I'm many states away from home now, and although of course I miss DW I can talk to her fairly regularly on my cellphone. I miss my dogs ALOT! It helps that I can carry tons of pictures of them on my iTouch, but obviously that's not the same.

Tonight I was talking to DW and she said the dogs were missing me alot too. Odin stands in front of the large sliding glass door and stares at the driveway hoping I'll drive up. Frigga keeps walking into the bedroom for some reason. I guess she thinks I might be in there. So as I was talking to DW about this she said, "Wait a second, I'll bring the phone to Odin." Many of you may remember that Odin is very vocal and I talk with him alot when we're together. So I said "Hey big Boo! How's the boy?" and he immediately started giving me a long sad story in reply. I was loath to have it end, and it really brightened me up quite a bit. I'm fortunate in many ways with Odin, but I think I may have to put his talking higher up on the list.
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That's so sweet but sad at the same time! Poor babies missing their daddy!
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Awww... that is so sweet. The poor babies miss you too. I'm glad that Odin could tell you too. You'll be home in no time and then the little baby will be here soon too!

Elmo will moan sometimes and then I'll ask him what's wrong. Then he moans again and I ask him what's up. Then, he moans again. Then, my husband looks at us and laughs.

The reunion with the dogs is great after you've been away. Elmo brought all of his toys and put them by the side of my bed the night that I came home. Either he was trying to bribe me to never leave again or he wanted to play with all of them when I woke up.
LOL Tom, he was saying how he misses you!! What a smart, deeply connected, LOVING boy you have there! What a darling he is. This speaks so well not only of how understanding Odin is, how wise on a deep level-- but of your wonderful bond with him.
Thank you for the heartwarming Odin story. I am sorry you are away and miss the dogglers and DW so, but I do hope this cheered you, hearing Boo boy telling you he loves you!
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That is wonderful! I cannot let Gracie talk on the phone to DH when he calls to say he'll be late; she then runs around the house "calling" for him -- it's cute but sad at the same time. There is something special about that Odin.....
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Am glad I'm not the only one that does this!

(Gotta be careful who I tell that I do that to, some look at me like I'm nuts, here it's just another thing we do!)
Oskar mopes when I am gone overnight, used to not leave my side of the bed except for potty - now that we have the small children he stays by them when I'm gone and they're home. When gone more than a couple nights we'll "talk" on the phone, I tell him he's most wonderful Poopala-Oopala and he roo-roos back - love that boy!

Odin is a special boy, am sure it's comforting to know he's there w/ DW when you can't be!
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