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Gun/Firework Reactive?

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Annie, an approximately 4 year old rescue GSD has shown a quirk that I’ve yet to encounter. When I have her outside and someone sets off a firecracker or shoots a gun she has an interesting reaction. I’ve encountered dogs that are gun shy and dogs that don’t give a flip, but she‘s different. When Annie hears a shot she will drop what she’s doing and jump to a spot 3 or 4 feet in front of me in the direction that the noise came from- stiff body, fur bristled, and all ears. If it’s close or loud enough she will bark and that’s the only time that she ever barks. Any idea what’s going on with this? Just a quirk or something she’s been taught, maybe?
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Interesting reaction. Usually if you have a sound sensitive dog they are heading for the hills looking for a secure spot.
Hmm... Ruby does this sorta with loud noises, she wants to go see what it is, goes right up to it. But she doesn't bristle- just very alert. Oh! She met horses last weekend for the first time. She let out a woof and trotted over but then got bored.

It sounds like yours may be a little afraid and hence defensive rather then head for the hills.. But maybe after it gets more comfortable it can relax a little?
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The thing is that she’s not really ’sound sensitive’. If something gets knocked over she will turn in the direction and look but isn’t phased in the least. She doesn’t have a storm phobia either which is odd because that often comes along with fireworks and gun shot fears. We had a big storm last week with local lightening strikes that shook the house and she slept through it. She never barks either… I think I’ve heard an almost bark once while she was playing with the dogs but that’s been it.

The first time she did this was in October, four months after I got her so she was good and settled in. Then New Years came and she had the same reaction. It’s happened about half a dozen times now and it’s just really strange. Makes me wonder where she came from. Maybe she lived next door to a range or something.
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