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This will be updated on an on-going basis, so be sure to check it out from time to time.

All members:

If a vendor starts a thread about his products and/or services, it is disrespectful and unfair to mention competing vendors and/or their products in that vendor's thread.

Treat our vendors with respect, as they help support the community.


Stay out of each other's hair. Be courteous to each other on the forum and treat each other with respect.

Stay out of each other's threads, unless you have something specifically positive to add. Popping into a competitor's thread and putting down his product will not be tolerated.

The standard rules and guidelines that apply to all our members (regardless if they are a vendor or not) apply to you as well (with the exception of specified benefits of being a vendor). Mainly, this about how you conduct yourself in the community.

1. Vendors can only post their products/services for sale in the vendors area or their own site sponsor forums.

2. Do not make multiple threads about the same product or service (i.e. let's say you have a blanket you're selling; do not post multiple threads about the same blanket even if you're just making a price change or something of that nature). This is for the VENDORS.

3. All existing board rules must be followed with the exception of advertising/selling rule.

4. No grandiose, extravagant, exaggerated, false, unsupported claims.

5. All products offered for sale must be CLEARLY identified in the product name so that the members are able to do their own research if needed.

6. The admins/mods will remove any threads without warning if they believe the product/service offered is illegal.

7. Vendors will be subject to moderation just as any other member. No special treatment.
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