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My opinion, for you cassadee, I don't think I would..Only because you have 5 kids, who have friends, you want to live with this dog, and I'm sure you want the dog to be friendly with your kids, and your kids friends..

I am definately all for obedience training on ANY dog. When you throw a bunch of kids into the equation, I wouldn't want a mean, aggressive, (even if its' for show) bone in it's body..(and I know you don't either)..

And sure you can teach a dog to bark, (it may backfire and you may have one that doesn't shut up! LOL),,but I'm not sure I would want to teach that either..

I think these dogs can be a deterrent just by being "them", and actually being 'silent'.
I have had workmen here before, who were unphased by my barking dog, yet were very very wary of my silent 'watching' gsd who wouldn't have hurt a bug:)\\\

Ok done rambling:)
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