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Got to agree. Bravo had, to the best of our knowledge, never met a child before we adopted him but the first time he met a toddler he went into guardian mode; and this was at a dog park with twenty or more dogs playing around a 2 acre lake, but he just sat in front of the kids stroller for 15 minutes (after chasing off a terrier that tried to get into the stroller!)

When we went to look over the house we were going to rent in Jacksonville, he spent the whole time monitoring our landlords grandson and following him around the house.

Lastly, we were staying with friends at their beach house one New Years and some of their family stopped by for a couple of days. This group included a 4 year old girl who, whenever she went near the stairs (the living room, kitchen etc are on the second floor) found herself cut off by a big, black GSD! He would sit by the stairs and just watch her.

So yes, I have to agree that there is a definite genetic trait that predisposes this breed to be careful and watchful aroung young ones and the vunerable.
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