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With my first GSD, I use to joke that if I put her in the middle of a field and I stood at one end and put a child at the other end, she would go to the child every time. She absolutely loved children and was always very gentle around them.

I have a series of pictures with my niece climbing on her when she was around a year old and in every picture the only part of Jasmine that moved was her head.

She would allow my friend's daughter to take her bone right out of her mouth. She would let me do this, but she wouldn't let any other adult.

While visiting friends and family for the holidays with Jasmine, I stopped by the house of one of my childhood friends who had just recently had a baby. She is a big animal lover so had no problems with me stopping by with Jazy. We were sitting on the floor with her son laying on a blanket when the door bell rang. Jasmine jumped up to run to the door and I was afraid that she would step on the baby, but you could tell that she was very careful as to where she put her feet. After my friend answered the door, Jasmine came back and stood over the baby. At first I could not figure out what she was doing, but then I realized that she was either protecting the baby from the new person at the door that she did not know or was standing over the baby so that no one could step on him. Mind you she had been around this child for just an hour and she was already protecting him from possible harm.
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