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GSDs and Jellyfish?

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I'm not sure whether this is a health question, per se, so moderators please feel free to move this into a more appropriate section.

I was wondering whether anyone has any experience with GSDs encountering jellyfish when at the beach / swimming?

We have a beach very near us that is gorgeous and allows swimming for both people and dogs, as long as the dogs are leashed in some way. Great for exercise. Except that this beach is known for jellyfish late in the summer. Is there any specific danger or issues in regards to jellyfish I should be aware of, other than the obvious (me getting stung on my nekked legs)? Do they affect dogs the same as they do people? Should I look for a different place to swim?
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I don't know if I can directly answer your question but when we went down to the coast back in April there were jellyfish EVERYWHERE! Dogs never got stung and neither did we (thankfully). The dogs even grabbed one that had washed up on the shore and took off with it. They eventually dropped it, sniffed it, then took off after some seagulls.
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