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GSDs and Jellyfish?

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I'm not sure whether this is a health question, per se, so moderators please feel free to move this into a more appropriate section.

I was wondering whether anyone has any experience with GSDs encountering jellyfish when at the beach / swimming?

We have a beach very near us that is gorgeous and allows swimming for both people and dogs, as long as the dogs are leashed in some way. Great for exercise. Except that this beach is known for jellyfish late in the summer. Is there any specific danger or issues in regards to jellyfish I should be aware of, other than the obvious (me getting stung on my nekked legs)? Do they affect dogs the same as they do people? Should I look for a different place to swim?
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I looked up this information for myself when it could have been an issue for my dogs.

What I found out is that it depends on the species of jellyfish, there are a lot of species and variance within each genus. Certain ones cause no harm to us or to dogs (one of this type, luckily, is predominant where I live) but other species do cause harm. I'm sorry, but you will need to find out more information as to the species involved as general advice could be misleading. I googled the area I was in and jellyfish photos and identified the one I was worried about.

All the best.
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