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I have heard that the treatments could possibly be terminal and the animal is then susceptible to all sorts of aliments following. Has anyone here had an animal with HW and survived to live a productive and happy life afterwards ? I am hoping the infestation is not so far progressed to be detrimental !!! :(

I can tell you from personal experience that yes they live healthy and long lives. We had two dogs go through the treatment. They were around 2 when both of our dogs went through it. The process itself was very harrowing but after they were negative they were perfectly normal. They lived to be around 11 yrs old and they did not die from anything related to the heartworms or the treatment. Our dalmatian passed away from kidney failure due to old age. The lab had organ failure caused by cancer as well from old age. Once we got them through the treatments and recoup time they never missed a beat. Our dalmatian was just a tenacious as she was when she was a puppy and energetic. My lab was always calm and it never phased her either. This was all ten years ago so the prognosis is probably even better now than then. Once they are negative always always remember to give them their heartworm treatment though. Checkups are very important for dogs that have gone through it. The vet will have you come back to make sure they test negative regularly for a while.
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