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When Old Bitch was a maybe 10 months old, we adopted a buddy for her. He was a beautiful, stocky 4-5 year old male. The city shelter called after we adopted to tell us what we had already found out (we'd gone straight from shelter to vet)- hw+. He started treatment straight away. At that time we were told he had to have a series of injections certain intervals apart. He did very well after the first injection. After the second he seemed a bit sick...but the third nearly killed him.

I was at work and my houseguest called to tell me something was wrong. I had the car, we lived in a city and the dog probably weighed close to 90 pounds (try to get *that* on a bus). I told him to call a cab and get to the ER vet....but it happened that JUST at that moment our neighbor was arriving home from her shift at the ER (Angell Memorial in Boston- three blocks from our house). She took one look at our dog, loaded him into her jeep and took him in- she also managed his care in the ER and during his admission there. As far as I am concerned SHE save his life. That was in 2000. In november of 2006 we had to have him euthanized as his DM had progressed too far. Even with DM he was an active dog right up until the last few months. The HW and his scary reaction to treatment never stopped him from running, playing, swimming, patrolling the yard, etc. He was our most solid dog- physically and mentally. He is missed to this day.

Lady is in the same age range as our guy was when we adopted. I share our story just so you can see...even older dogs can do well.....even if the treatment is scary, they can do well....even if they have reactions...they can do well :)

Congrats on your soon to be new family member...
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