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Last night when I took Emma out for a potty break, it was dark and there was a rabbit in the yard (she doesn't like them)...I was hoping she wouldn't notice it, but of course her being a GSD and with that sence of smell, she found the rabbit, and took off like a bolt of lightening and I was sure she wouldn't get away because after all she was on her night time leash, but her collar broke, snaped in to 2 pieces, not the part where it connects, but litterally the collar, it was just a nylon one and it was new when we got it, but I guess wearing it for 8 months wares them out. Anyhow, she ran after the rabbit, and it was way too fast for her, he jumped into the creek, and was gone...Emma wagging her tail runs up to me and looks at me as to say "see, I told you...I don't like them things!" I know I should have been upset with her, but I really wasn't since she came back so fast, and didn't harm the rabbit, and besides I was going to go this week and get her a leather collar like Elle's, which I did today!!

I knew she was strong, but didn't realize at 10 months old that she was that full of strength!!

sorry so long!!!
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