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GSD falls to to one side after running....

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I'm at my wits end, my vet cannot diagnose my dog and he still wants to fall to one side after running for the frisbee. He's7 years this October. His hip-displacia check when he was over a year turned out to be "Fair" when x-rayed. Also, today I noticed his hair on the back of his hips raise up like a cats does after he came back with the frisbee. Last Fall he was just fine, had no problems and went after the frisbee in no time catching it. This year he's not jumping for them like he did last year. He don't wimper and doesn't moan. He has no problems going up the stairs but seems he has some problems jumping up on the bed. LIke I mentioned my vets has treated him for an ear infection with antibiotics and some kind of steroids with some more pills that make him pee constantly I'm going to guess to help flush his infection out. Any suggestions would be appreciated if anyone has ever experienced these problems with their GSD. Thanks.
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what has your vet actually checked for? from your description it could range from an injury, to an infection, to a neurological problem. does he think the ear infection is causing some sort of vestibular/balance issue?
Yes thinks that his balance is affected with an inner ear infection and its throwing him off to one side.. he really doesnt favor any side than the other
do some reading on myasthenia gravis (or acquired canine myasthenia gravis) and see if that fits your description. more often than not its brought on during or after exercise. my female has the same problem (you hit in right on when you mentioned the hair raising) but after a year of going in circles with different vets, we've finally just linked it to her HD - tho MG still goes thru my mind every now and again.

mg in the throat is most common, but it can happen to any muscle group.
Thanks for the replies.. CMG really doesn't fit his symptoms, I will have the vets check this as one possibility though. i don't know what kind of blood analysis the vets did but she mention the red blood cell count was high which indicated some kind of infection. His health has been perfect up until this Spring with all his shots and physicals to date. He has better health care than his owner does.
How long has the treatment for the inner ear infection been going on.

The Peeing could be from a Medicine called Prednisone, it is an Anti-inflamatory.

I would think that maybe a back or disk injury could be possible.
This is the end of his second week, we ended antibiotics yesterday, glad to see the info about the Prednisone...was funny earlier i was rubbing his knee joints and asked him if they hurt and he started a bark whine.. that's his yes but he usually answers my questions with a bark whine
Get a better vet ASAP.
My big concern is his exercise, should I continue on or take it easy with him, since I have no clue if its muscle,nerve,bone damage or he's just needs some extensive exercise more often than we have been doing. But with him lacking the drive he had last Fall when it was nice to be outside has really changed this year. I understand its hard to diagnose someones problems because everyone has a different answer and different problems. Its weird he just all the sudden lacks the drive to jump after the frisbee and catch it like he used too, he will chase the tennis ball inside with no problems, it's just the long runs after the frisbee he has a hard time doing; at 99 Lbs., he's not overweight by any means goes up and down the stairs with no problems. I hate to keep working him with exercise if it's causing him some discomfort. He eats Science Diet C/D food because he had crystals in his urine when he was a puppy but that's the only major thing that has ever been wrong with him. Thanks
Might want to research degenerative myelopathy too.

I would second the recommendation to see another vet. There's never anything wrong with getting a second opinion.
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First I am not being mean or rude just blunt, but that it me, I am not really wordy and get to the point.

Stop excercising you dog if what you are having the dog do results in the dog falling over then you need to stop that activity.

Next, just because a dog doesn't appear to be in pain doesn't mean that they aren't in pain. I had a very stowic dog that walked into the vet's office on death door step literally because he didn't want to show that he was in pain.

Another next, find a different Vet or go to an Orth Vet and get some full body xrays done. That is a starting point.

I expect as my dog get older to have problems but 7 years old in my book is too early, there is something IMHO that isn't just an inner ear infection. If he is lacking drive, then that is a big clue that there is something not right.
Find another vet
Thanks everyone for the advise. I will definitely be going to another vets. Thanks everyone!
My last dog was a frisbee dog. He just lived for playing frisbee. Sometimes I would watch him as he landed though and think "wow, that's a lot of weight landing each time--he aint a border collie". I ended up having to put him down when he was 7. He had blown an ACL, had surgery and basically recovered. I was no longer doing frisbee (which probably contributed to the ACL injury), but did kick and throw a big jolly ball for him. One day he twisted a little and ended up sore. Unfortunately he deteriorated over several months until he lost the use of his hind end. He has some spondylosis, but it didnt seem severe enough to cause his symptoms. He responded to chiropractic adjustments, but only briefly. He responded to steroid injections, but again, only briefly.

I truely believe that all the years of frisbee playing, with the twisting jumps and landings weakened his back and allowed a nerve injury. I, personally, will never do frisbee with my gsd again.
I still feel guilty, even though I could be wrong and he just had a freak injury.

Just be careful with your guy and maybe do more low impact exercise for now. Good luck with him.
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Has the vet thought of canine vestibular disease...this sounds like it could be the issue. There are various forms and some have different symptoms than others. Here is an article I found.

I hope this helps and I wish you well,
My oh my, how long has it been since you had his hips AND LS Joint x-rayed?
I would not let him jump anymore firstly, he could have some nerve impingement from his LS if it has dropped, and/or the disk at that level is impinging on the nerve as well.

Why hasn't your vet checked this out? He could very well have a sciatica thing going on, I'm not a vet, but I've experienced this with my GS.
The steroids are what is making him pee all the time, and they may help for awhile, but this needs to be addressed asap as the spinal nerve could be suffering.

Please let me know if I can help further. Sherry
Please read my post to you on this, it could be a very urgent thing for your dog. Sherry
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