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GSD Elbow bare patches

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Lilly has been licking a bit lately at the top of the front legs where her elbow is. The skin there is very pink with black areas. No weeping as of yet but I would like to know how to treat these areas if at all possible. I think when she lies on carpet she probably gets rug burns here. I don`t know if the black bit is bacteria. Lilly is a shelter dog that I have had for 3 months now and her coat is so much improved on Orijen and Honest Kitchen. I just want her to be healthy all over with no itchy spots. Anyone else have this problem?
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I think you're correct that it is a spot of "wear" from where the dog lies down on a hard or rough surface. My dog has a similar spot. I think the darkening is a callous. I haven't attempted to treat it (my dog doesn't seem to itch this spot, though.) I've heard of others using something like Bag Balm or another antiseptic skin cream on these.
My dogs have them too, they love laying on the stone area by the fireplace because its the coolest place for them to cool off. They have small calluses, but arent bothered by them at all. When i give them their baths i rub them really well, and put a leave on conditioner on the spots afterwards. It just moistens the skin to help so they dont crack or cause sores.
Gracie doesn't lick at hers. At first I was putting panalog cream on it (a triple antibiotic cream from the vet) but that made her want to lick. Now I put Udder Cream (similar to Bug Balm) when it looks bad. She likes to run & slide in the yard as well as sleep on the plastic pan in her crate. I put bath towels down in her crate and that seems to help.
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