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Hey all.
I am new here. I did not know this forum. Nice to meet you.

My 4 years old GSD has severe allergies.

My vet did anything she could and helped like 60%. I am happy but we can do better ?

I found this article online (free of charge). Its a study from veterinarians in Germany and its about allergic German Shepherd Dogs and their skin bugs (aka microbiome...that thing that we read everywhere nowadays). I talked to my vet too. She said its the first study for this breed. She will read it and hopefully we can help allergic poor doggies more.

So I thought I will post it in forum for you.

Description and comparison of the skin and ear canal microbiota of non-allergic and allergic German shepherd dogs using next generation sequencing

I would recommend reading it and share with your vets.

Kisses from me and my dog Arthur
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