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Gryff at 1 year old

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My bud turned a year old last Saturday. He's not so little anymore..LOL

I know what I think of him, how about you guys?

Here's a nice one of his face
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Hey, he doesn't look so much like a spider anymore.
Hard to believe he is already a year old.

High withers, good topline, short though well angled croup. Good angulation front and rear though his upper arm should be longer. Very good bone and I like the length of leg. He is quite athletic looking. And he has the head I see on so many Asko kids. Very nice ear set and HUGE eyes. Very good color.

How is he doing in training?
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wow...where does time go???? I love both thepics!!! the first one is nice positioning and he looks so happy in the second one!!! i love his look!!
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Longcoat blanketback.. handsome!!
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Hard to belive he is a year old already!!!!!!!! Such a great expression! Nice balanced looking boy....HAPPY Dog for sure

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